Monkey Mania

Pick an unusual theme, one that will get students’ attention. You might want to try “Go Bananas For 100th Day.” Decorate your school with images of monkeys, stuffed toy monkeys, inflatable monkeys, etc. Write the names of students on cutouts of bananas. Then hang them on bulletin boards. Give everyone “I’m Bananas For 100th Day” Banana-Scented Die-Cut Bookmarks . Also hand out “I’m Wild About 100th Day” Heat-Sensitive Pencils, which feature a monkey and a panda bear. Surprise your students and teachers by serving a midmorning snack of fresh bananas, banana muffins, or banana pudding.

Early Earth Day

Help your class “go green” for 100th Day. One week prior, instruct the children to collect recyclable materials, other than paper. Divide 100 by the number of students in the class to set a target number of items per child. Request that they don’t pull items out of recycling bins. Have them collect bottles, cans, etc. from their friends at lunch or from relatives who usually toss out recyclables. That way, the students will help with the problem of overflowing landfills. Give out an “I’m 100 Days Smarter” Gold-Foil Stamped Ribbon to each student who turns in items. The ribbon is green! Count the recyclables on the designated day to see if the class made it to 100.

Balloon Bonanza

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most fun for children. Give each student a balloon blown up with regular air, not helium. Challenge everyone to keep the balloons in the air for 100 seconds. Allow them to use any body parts other than their hands. They may need many attempts to finally complete the task. Play kid-friendly rock music while the balloon activity is going on. Then hand out gifts from the “100th Day Of School Rocks!” Value Pack.

Kernels In Class

Show your students 100 unpopped kernels of popcorn. Have each of them write down a guess of how much space the kernels will take up once popped if they are laid down in a single layer. For example, an answer might be a 12 inch by 12 inch square. Put 120 kernels in an air popper, since some of them won’t pop. Try having the children guess how many actually will pop. Hand out “Happy 100th Day” Glasses and urge everyone to pretend they’re goggles to wear during the popping. When the air popper is finished, count the pieces out loud, then measure 100 of them. Be ready with more popcorn for the class to eat. While the students munch, have them work through some of the pages in the “Let’s Count To 100” Educational Activities Books.

Sizing Up Steps

See if your students possess an accurate sense of distance. First, choose a child with average-sized feet. Outline one of his or her shoes on paper to create a template. Have the whole class help you cut out 100 paper feet. Ask your students to estimate where 100 steps from the classroom would take them. Tell them in which direction they will be walking, such as towards the gym. Then have the students actually take the 100 steps. Place the paper feet on the floor as they walk. Award a “100th Day Of School Is Cool” Skateboard Backpack Tag/Key Ring to the child whose guess is the closest. Give “100th Day Of School Is Cool” Stickers-On-A-Roll to all participants.

Reading & Writing

Include a literature component in 100th Day. Give your class the task of creating a shared story of 100 sentences. Get them started by supplying a title. Let the children take turns contributing a sentence at a time. Carefully write down the sentences so you can read the whole story back to them. At the end of the day, promote more writing by sending each child home with a “100 Things About Me” Activities Book & Journal. Also provide a Pencil from the 100th Day Assortment Pencil Pack (see page 11).

Awesome Opposites

Help your students learn about opposites. Hold a brainstorming session with the goal of 50 pairs of opposites, which would be 100 items. Present the class categories to make it easier, for example hot and cold things, things in the air and things on the ground, etc. For extra fun, pass out “I’m 100 Days Smarter” Crowns for them to wear as “thinking caps” while brainstorming. After the goal is reached, reward everyone with “I’m 100 Days Smarter” Buttons.